“It’s 2:30 p.m. in the Jordan neighborhood of North Minneapolis. Children sprint home from school, backpacks trailing in the wind. A bus driver takes a sharp corner, narrowly missing a median labeled ‘Jordan Block Club Beautification Project, 1993.’ Signs line 26th Avenue North: ‘Jordan Area Community Garden,’ ‘Youth Farm.’ Up on the boulevard, next to a repaved sidewalk, is a bike way added as part of the street’s 2017 renovation…”


“Pride in the North Side: New public art projects unveiled along 26th Ave N”

“Permanent Marker: Artist Emily Donovan Uses Plant Dyes to Commemorate the Natural World”

“Coming into her studio in the early afternoon, artist Emily Donovan begins inspecting a series of what look like large PVC pipes. One by one, she extracts rolls of dyed paper from the tubes and unfurls them on her desk, revealing fluid landscapes of taupe, burnt sienna, and light blue. Figures can be made out in some of the works; birds and people blend in and move with their surroundings…”


“Making Art with Light: A Profile of Florence Hill”

“Florence is like an icon around here,” Jo Ann Hendricks explains.

Hendricks first came to Minneapolis as Executive Director of NEMAA in 2004 and has been coming to Florence Hill’s figure study drawing group in the California Building ever since. On a recent Sunday, as a model takes center stage and begins with a series of five-minute poses, Hendricks lays out a section of newspaper and scribbles furiously with markers. As the session continues and the model works her way up to ten-minute and then twenty-minute poses, Hendricks switches to nicer stock…”


“Containing Multitudes: Stephen King, Jackson Pollock, and the Making of a Young Artist”

“Do you know the characters’ names?” Jackson asks. “There are a lot. There’s Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, Hopper.”

We are on the topic of the television show Stranger Things. At the age of 14, Jackson Duin is a pop culture expert. He is also a painter, and it’s becoming clear that the two go hand in hand. As we talk, Jackson shares some of his recent work.

“I have one called January Embers. Have you seen that one?” he asks before going to grab it from his room…”


“On the Record: Lisa Troutman’s Life as a Graphic Recorder”

“From her brightly decorated studio in Saint Paul, Lisa Troutman plies her trade as an illustrator and graphic recorder. A relatively young and growing field, graphic recording consists of visually representing the content of events through large-format drawings, often done live. Troutman attends everything from business meetings to keynote lectures and communicates what is taking place through a combination of imagery and text, which she lays out carefully to capture the flow of complex ideas…”


“Soft Boundaries at Gamut Gallery finds community in vulnerability”

“Gamut Gallery’s intimate space is the perfect fit for Soft Boundaries, a show themed around the idea of vulnerability and strengthened by the community of artists assembled by curator Juleana Enright. The works in the show are effortlessly cohesive; they are in conversation with each other, even as they cover topics ranging from the vulnerability of trans bodies to the displacement of the Palestinian people...”