Making the rounds: Mall walkers stay active and warm during brutal winter

“On a bitterly cold Sunday in March, 2-year-old Olive woke up as she always does with a need for speed. 

 Her father, Ben Bowman, now used to their routine, got up, got dressed and the pair set off for Rosedale Center. They've visited the mall almost every Sunday morning since January, as a way to let Olive run around indoors during an especially brutal winter…”

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“South St. Paul finalizing plans for Fifth Avenue South renovation”

“The South St. Paul City Council voted Jan. 22 to unanimously move forward with the renovation of Fifth Avenue South, giving the City Engineering Department the green light to finalize plans. 

The estimated $5.4 million project will include a full street reconstruction emphasizing traffic safety and accessibility, as well as updates to the avenue’s water and sanitation infrastructure. Construction is expected to begin this spring and be completed by the fall…”

“Stopping the flow of poverty: Local volunteers make reusable menstrual pads, helping girls stay in school”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For many girls in developing countries, something as simple as a maxi pad is key to continuing their education and avoiding the complications that come with premature marriage and childbirth. 

But in rural parts of Africa, Asia and Central America, a maxi pad is often nowhere to be found…”